Our Story

I have some great memories growing up of my mum. She was a fantastic mum, and an even greater Grandma. She had 6 kids,19 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren when she passed away in 2018.

She always made sure the grandkids were well looked after, spoilt as only a grandma can and because she came from another era when natural was the norm, she always had a natural recipe for lots of things.

This range of baby skincare products is based on this philosophy. Created with love naturally just as grandma would do for her grandkids.

Natural is best for baby and in New Zealand we are blessed with many natural products we can use to do just as good job as the products using chemicals and properties not good for baby or the environment.

We have used lavender, honey and many other natural and sometimes organic ingredients to create a product that is perfect for baby and just how Grandma would have done.

We hope that you will enjoy these products for all baby skin types.